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Discover Art, Esotericism, and Tarot with Giordano Berti: A Journey of Knowledge and Mystery

Welcome to the captivating world of Giordano Berti, a writer, art and esotericism expert, and passionate Tarot enthusiast. Explore unique works, engaging courses, and age-old secrets as you delve into the intersection of art, symbolism, and mystery. Discover captivating books, tarot decks rich in meaning, and online courses that open the doors to ancient knowledge. Embark on a journey of discovery and explore the website to gain extraordinary insights and awaken your curious spirit.

Rinascimento Italian Style Art

He oversees the reprinting of ancient works illustrated with moral, political, and esoteric emblems. He offers Symbolism Courses and both in-person and online Conferences.

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Recently Published Works

In this section, you will find books, Tarot, and Oracle cards released from the magical workshop of Renaissance Italian Style Art. Discover them now!

"History of Tarot"

New updated and expanded edition

"Tarot Course: Sole Searcher - Enhance Your Life in Every Sphere"

“In the first level, I’ll provide you with essential historical, symbolic, and practical insights about the 22 Triumphs, commonly known as the Major Arcana. To enhance your learning experience, I’ve meticulously crafted a DOSSIER where I’ve distilled their meanings. You can print it out and use it for quick reference, jotting down your personal insights gained through your journey. From the very first exercises, you’ll embark on understanding and practicing three unique ways to engage with the Sola Busca Tarot: evolutionary, divinatory, and spiritual. Let the magic of these cards unfold as you explore their depths and embrace their wisdom.”

Who is this for?

“This course is open to everyone, even if you’ve never used Tarot cards before.

So, you too, by using the Sola Busca Tarot, will learn to uncover your limits and potentials, delve into yourself and others. Ultimately, you will discover the key to your personal power:

your very own Philosophical Stone.


"Admired worldwide... Here's what my students have to say...

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