Giordano Berti

MANTEGNA LADENSPELDER TAROT : 50 Steps to your Rebirth, by Giordano Berti


Five centuries after their creation, the Mantegna Tarot still emanates a mysterious and fascinating light.

This booklet (98 illustrated pages) reveals all the secrets of these mysterious 50 cards: origins and symbolism of the images and their use to evolve our personality and develop our intellectual skills.

The Author of this study is Giordano Berti, Italian scholar worldwide known as one of the most important experets of Tarot history.

Berti reveals here, for the first time, the true origins of the magnificent 50 cards printed in Italy around 1460 and then re-engraved in Augsburg around 1540 by Johann Ladenspelder.

The Author shows the similarities of some images with some Renaissance Tarot decks, explains the wonderful philosophy which unites the Heavenly Spheres to the Angels Hosts, ande then to the Virtues, Arts and human conditions. Finally, Berti describes the use of these cards according the medieval Ars combinatoria, to draw information on the world around us and on our material and spiritual destiny.

Printed in Italy in April 2020

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