Giordano Berti

MANTEGNA LADENSPELDER TAROT 1540. Lim. ed. 700 numbered copies. ART BOX


The first version of the so-called “Mantegna” Tarot was printed in Italy around 1460-65. It was later reproduced by various artists but the best version, derived from the original, is the one engraved in Germany, around 1540, by Johann Ladenspelder.
Ladenspelder’s version is reprinted here in a smaller size than the original to make its evolutionary and divinatory use possible.
At the foot of each card there are titles in six languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese).
A booklet containing the history, meanings and practical use of these magnificent cards is attached to the deck.

These 50 magnificent cards arrive in a gold satin bag inside a refined 2-parts box that reproduces an ancient punched leather cover.
The box, designed by designer Letizia Rivetti, is handmade by expert Italian craftsmen.

The cards are made of fine paper with a high cotton content and have been enriched with gilding on the edges.
The dimensions of the cards are smaller than the original for ease of use.
At the foot of each figure are inserted the key words in six languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

The deck is accompanied by a 100-page booklet written by Giordano Berti which reveals for the first time the true origins of these cards and the single images. Furthermore, it shows the similarities with the classical Tarot, explains the marvelous which, in the Mantegna Tarot, unites the celestial Spheres to the Hosts of Angels, to the Virtues, to the Arts and to human conditions.

Finally, the Author describes the use of these 50 cards according to the rules of the medieval Ars combinatoria, to draw information on the world around us and on our material and spiritual destiny.
A personal note handwritten by Giordano Berti is added to each package.


LIMITED EDITION: 700 COPIES numbered and handsigned by Giordano Berti.

FAITHFUL REPRINT of the very rare, wonderful deck produced in Germany in 1540 by Johann Ladenspelder


  • 50 CARDS (mm 75 x 140 = inches 2,952 x 5,511) with multilingual captions
  • WARRANTY CARD : with the deck’s number
  • BOOKLET IN ENGLISH : 100 illustrated pages written by Giordano Berti, with historical news, cartomantic meanings and methods to read them.
  • PERSONAL NOTE handwritten by Giordano Berti


Printed in 2020


Weight 0.400 kg


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