TAROT OF MARSEILLE by G. Lando 1832. Ltd. ed. 900 numbered copies. ART BOX


The deck engraved in 1832 in Turin by Giuseppe Lando represents the magical thread that unites the French and Italian Tarot. A work that condenses all the traditional symbolic elements.

Faithful reproduction of the original deck deposited at the Academy of Sciences of Turin. Booklet (24 pages) with histoic news. Leaflet (8 pages) with the meanings of the 78 cards and methods of reading.

The Tarot of Marseille is known in numerous versions that follow a predefined pattern.

This deck was created in Turin in 1832 by a manufacturer, Giuseppe Maurizio Lando, whose adventurous human and professional story was reconstructed in detail by the French genealogist Philippe Noyes. A character and a deck that absolutely deserve to be known.

These 78 cards were printed with a xylographic process and then painted with a stencil.
The Academy of Sciences of Turin, which owns the Lando Tarot, gave Rinascimento Italian Style Art the possibility of reproducing it to make an edition absolutely faithful to the original.

The reprint is edited under the direction of Giordano Berti, known throughout the world as one of the greatest experts in the history and esotericism of the Tarot.

Berti also wrote, together with French genealogist Philippe Noyes, the historical booklet attached to the deck, available in Italian or English.

LIMITED EDITION: 900 numbered copies.

The same deck is available in two different boxes:

  • DELUXE (book-shaped),
  • ART BOX (simpler but equally elegant).

This is the ART BOX version, designed by Letizia Rivetti and handmade by expert Italian craftsmen.NO PLASTIC!


  • 78 CARDS : size 62 x 111 mm = inches 2.44 x 4,37
  • WARRANTY CARD : with serial number and Editor’s signature.
  • BOOKLET : 24  pages (mm 125 x 85 = inches 4.92 x 3.34) available in Italian or English, written by Giordano Berti and Philippe Noyes.
  • LEAFLET : 8 pages written by Giulia Orsini, with divinatory meanings of each card and reading methods.
  • RINASCIMENTO CATALOG : 32 color pages, available in English, Italian, or Spanish.
  • PERSONAL NOTE : handwritten for you by Giordano Berti.

Printed in Italy in 2018


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