Giordano Berti

Giordano Berti

Italian writer, author of numerous studies dedicated to the relationships between art and esotericism, in addition to novels, works of fantasy fiction, and poetry, organizer of cultural events.

Giordano Berti has gained international recognition due to the breadth and importance of his works published by prestigious publishing houses (Mondadori, Rizzoli, Fratelli Fabbri Editori, Armenia, Xenia, Vallardi, Lo Scarabeo, OM Edizioni, Araba Fenice) and translated into numerous languages. He has organized important historical exhibitions alongside illustrious personalities such as Michael Dummett, Franco Cardini, Cecilia Gatto Trocchi, Paolo Aldo Rossi. He is known worldwide as an expert in the history, art, and philosophy of Tarot. He has collaborated on the editing of three encyclopedias as an expert in symbolism and the history of Tarot and playing cards.

For Rinascimento Italian Style Art
he oversees the reprinting of ancient works illustrated with moral, political, and esoteric emblems. He conducts Symbolism Courses and in-person and online Conferences.


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