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This book is dedicated to one of the finest Tarot decks ever made. Giordano Berti talk about their Author, who is considered the greatest inventor of board games of all times, and also talk about the Bolognese Tarot tradition in art, literature, games and cartomancy.

A considerable part of the book is dedicated to divination according to typical rules of Bologna, which precede those introduced in France at the end of the eighteenth century.

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli (Bologna 1634-1718) was a prolific artist of the Baroque period. He is best known for his numerous engravings of religious works, satirical and moralistic images, scenes of everyday life, an “Alphabet of Dreams”, various bizarre creations and numerous board games.
Among the many pastimes created around 1660 by Mitelli there is a particular interpretation of the Tarocchino bolognese, a game with 62 cards played in Bologna since the mid-fifteenth century. In this historical and artistic account emerges the fascinating figure of an ironic and pleasure-loving man, endowed with solid ethical principles.

We talk about other interesting characters linked to the Bolognese Tarot: Prince Fibbia, legendary inventor of the Tarot, Canon Montieri, imprisoned by Cardinal Ruffo because of the Geographical Tarot… and much more.

Anyone who already owns Mitelli’s Tarot (from any publisher) MUST read this book.
A long chapter is entirely dedicated to the typical cartomancy of Bologna applied to the Mitelli Tarocchino.
DIMENSIONS: 106 x 157 mm.
PAGES: 114
ILLUSTRATIONS: 53 + 62 in colour.

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