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TAROT OF OCCULT ENERGIES by J. Chaboseau 1946. Ltd. ed. 888 numbered copies. DELUXE BOX


“The Tarot of Occult Energies is a deck created by Jean Chaboseau, Grand Master until 1946 of the Martinist Order founded by Papus. It’s an extraordinary work, both in beauty and power. 78 magical Icons, vibrating with energies capable of strengthening the will of the Practitioner and guiding him in the divinatory reading. Curated by Giordano Berti.

DELUXE  BOX with 78 CARDS and a MANUAL to learn the meanings and reading techniques.”

The Tarot of Occult Energies is a 78 cards deck created between 1945-46 by Jean Chaboseau, Grand Master of the Martinist Order founded by Papus. His work, inspired by the principles of Hermeticism, was published in black and white for economic reasons, and only now has it been brought to color to enhance its power, following the rules of the Hermetic Tradition.

These 78 Icons speak A SIMPLE AND POWERFUL LANGUAGE. During readings, the mind spontaneously opens to their suggestions, showing HOW TO REGAIN LOST ENERGY AND FACE ANY PROBLEM.

Giordano Berti, Historian of Esotericism in Art,  oversaw this splendid edition and prepared the introduction for the MANUAL INCLUDED WITH THE DECK. The same booklet contains the divinatory meanings of the 78 Icons and three methods to consult them, written by Giulia Orsini.

The booklet is available in Italian or English.

Each card (mm 128 x 67) bears the original caption in French.

LIMITED EDITION: 888 numbered copies

The same deck is available in two different boxes: Deluxe (book-shaped) or Standard, simpler but equally elegant. Both boxes are handmade by expert Italian craftsmen.

This is the DELUXE BOX version (mm 158 x 100 x 50 = inches 6.22  x 3.93 x 1.96) designed by Letizia Rivetti. Golden metal corners. Red velvet interior. Satin lace closure. NO PLASTIC!


– 78 CARDS : size mm 128 x 67 = inches 5.03 x 2.63.
– WARRANTY CARD : with serial number and Editor’s signature.
– BOOKLET : 20 pages (mm 125 x 85 = inches 4.92 x 3.34) available in Italian or English, written by Giordano Berti and Giulia Orsini, with historical notes, divinatory meanings of each card, and reading methods.
– RINASCIMENTO CATALOG : 32 color pages, available in English, Italian, or Spanish.
– PERSONAL NOTE : handwritten for you by Giordano Berti.



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