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ORIENTAL TAROT by C. Foudraz 1845. Ltd. ed. 600 numbered copies. ART BOX


This is the Oriental Tarot 1845 in the economic box. The deck is the same of the Deluxe Box:  a beautiful work of art created in Turin in 1845 by the lithographer Claudio Foudraz; the “oriental” style was really fashionable at that time. Historical booklet (22 color pages) by Giordano Berti. Leaflet (8 pages) with  meanings of the cards and methods of use by Giulia Orsini.

As the historian Giordano Berti explains in the booklet that accompanies the deck, the “oriental” style was a fashion that between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the following century also inspired many producers of Tarot and playing cards.

The Oriental Tarot is a refined elaboration of the Tarot of Marseille, was produced in Turin in 1845 by Claudio Foudraz, whose history was reconstructed by the French genealogist Philippe Noyes in the accompanying booklet.
The only existing copy of the Oriental Tarot is located at the Academy of Sciences, which gave Rinascimento the reproduction rights.

The work consists of the faithful reprint of the 78 hand-painted cards, also suitable for fortune telling.


LIMITED EDITION: 600 numbered copies.

The same deck is available in two different boxes:

  • DELUXE (book-shaped),
  • ART BOX (simpler but equally elegant).

This is the ART BOX version, designed by Letizia Rivetti and handmade by expert Italian craftsmen.NO PLASTIC!


  • 78 CARDS : size 65 x 115 mm = inches 2.54 x 4,47
  • WARRANTY CARD : with serial number and Editor’s signature.
  • BOOKLET : 22 full-color  pages (mm 125 x 85 = inches 4.92 x 3.34) available in Italian or English, written by Giordano Berti with the collaboration of Philippe Noyes.
  • LEAFLET : 8 pages written by Giulia Orsini, with divinatory meanings of each card and reading methods.
  • RINASCIMENTO CATALOG : 32 color pages, available in English, Italian, or Spanish.
  • PERSONAL NOTE : handwritten for you by Giordano Berti.

Printed in Italy in 2016


Weight 0.300 kg


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