Giordano Berti

PROPHETIC TAROT OF THE BIBLE 2017. Ltd. Ed. 130 numbered copies.


An ancient wisdom translated into 78 images of the contemporary world.

A revolutionary deck in harmony with any religion and any humanitarian doctrine painted by master Severino Baraldi based on a design by Giordano Berti. A source of inspiration for any daily problem. An illustrated book (104 pages) describes the 78 cards and their meanings. A long chapter is dedicated to consultation methods.

The characters and themes of each of the 78 CARDS of this splendid deck are set in the current, globalized and multipolar society. Therefore they can inspire anyone, man or woman of any nation and religion, to address social, family, work and emotional problems, to receive useful suggestions every day to clarify the present and to act in a positive and conscious way. In accordance with tradition, the 22 Trumps are archetypes of the main human experiences and project their meanings into the physical, intellectual and spiritual world. CUPS are linked to the emotional dimension; MONEY to the economic dimension; STICKS at work, in relationships or professionally; the SWORDS to human conflicts, including political ones. Each figure takes on a “prophetic” meaning in the biblical sense, describing the material, psychological or spiritual condition that each individual can improve. The Prophetic Tarot of the Bible was designed by Giordano Berti and painted by Severino Baraldi, one of the most prolific Italian illustrators, also known throughout the world as an illustrator of historical, naturalistic and fable works. This magnificent deck is available in a Deluxe or Art Box version. The DELUXE version consists of 78 CARDS (153 × 80 mm). This is a precious LIMITED EDITION of only 130 COPIES numbered and autographed by Severino Baraldi on a GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE. The elegant DELUXE BOX was created by designer Letizia Rivetti and hand-produced by expert Italian craftsmen. A MANUAL (104 pages) is attached to the deck which reports the divinatory meanings of this deck and the ways to consult it. A PERSONAL DEDICATION handwritten by Giordano Berti is added to each package.


DELUXE BOX designed by Italian art designer Letizia Rivetti and handmade by skilled Italian artisans.

Content :

  • 78 magnificent cards dimensions: 80 x 153 mm = 3.14 x 6.02 inches
  • WARRANTY CARD numbered and signed by the author
  • BOOKLET 104 pages written by Giordano Berti, fully illustrated, describes the 78 cards and gives their detailed meanings. A long chapter is dedicated to consultation methods.
  • CATALOG 18 color pages, available in English, Italian and Spanish.
  • PERSONAL NOTE handwritten for you by Giordano Berti

Printed in Italy in March 2017
100% Made in Italy

Weight 0.650 kg


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